LOCATION (GP-5)- Cottage village „LEDNICI“



Specificity of this building lot is mainly because it’s possible to build 6 APART-HOUSES “LEDNICI”, which are mainly planned for selling to private investitor, or for renting. If we know that there is no single square meter legally built on market, then it’s clear that the market is „hungry“ for concept of apartments for rent or real estate market of high and higher category, having in mind parcel location. Near parcel location is planned children ski-lift, and 300m further two ski-lift for adults and ski slopes. Ski-cabin is 700m away from this location. Infrastructure is 150m away from location (water, waste water pipes, asfalt, elec.curent, ligthing…). On 250m away from location is planned big parking space for 350 vehicles, and on location around 70% of apartmans is covered with green parking.

Properties - with 10 apartments each

Building coeficient

Surface of planned hotel

Apartments for sale


Building lot (GP-1) is 250m away from round circle, and complete infrastructure. Distance to ski-cabin is around 700m.



This building lot is located on one of the most beautiful places of entire Stara planin, place called Apple plato from which you can see magnificent view of entire south and west side of Serbia. Close to lot it’s planned 3 ski-lifts (on 300m away), and future road with long and wide sidewalks and bicycle runs will be placed thru entire location. Entire complex will have similar roofs, fasades in combination with wood, high performance braon PVC doors and windows, and some would have aluminijum-wood doors and windows. About 70% apartmans will have parking. SPA center and PUB&restourant is planned into complex.


Master Plan

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Koncept, faza 1a i 1b, šeme i ilustracije.

PDR -1.

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Plan detaljne regulacije – FAZA 1.

PDR - 2.

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Plan detaljne regulacije – FAZA 2.

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Actual terrain view

foto - video

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