(Illustrative photo) All parcels are settled at heist dot of Apple Plato of mountain resort, with beautiful view. Building of hotels and other objects conceptually will not disturb this cottage settlement. This location will be very interesting for skiers because of very close ski installations. We will be able to offer you BUY&RENT concept, because we will build houses with entire documentation and ready for rent.



Buildings - with 10 apartments

Building coeficient

Surface of parcel - for each building

Price - EUR / square meter of parcel

Parcel distance



All mention parcels are based in the area of 2 hectares. Every parcel is building parcel and for itch parcel are the same building rules. Distance of 3 future ski-lifts are from 100 up to 250m, and from GONDOLA is approximately around 700m. NOTE: You are going on skiing and returning from skiing without removing ski from your feet. (Illustrative photo)



Parcel location




At front of you is DRP of phase 2, on which you may see cottage settlement in high-left corner, on south-west side. Entire settlement would have around 30 houses, from whom are 4 already built. Settlement would have one main road and one secondary road so every parcel should have access. Almost 60% of parcel is flat. View from parcels is 30% on south, and the rest to the west. Three ski-lifts will be at the distance of 100-250m depending on parcel. MINIMUM SIZE OF PARCEL FOR BUILDING IS 600m².







Master Plan


– Download PDF documentation –

Concept, Phase 1a and 1b, scheme and artwork..



DRP -1.


– Download PDF documentation –

Detailed Regulation Plan of phase 1.


DRP - 2.


– Download PDF documentation –

Detailed Regulation Plan of phase 2.


Elaborate cottage settlement



A detailed plan of the cottage settlement, 3d render


Actual terrain view



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